img_1345Just in case you stumbled here, we’re Kirstyn and Jerin.  Hi!  So here’s the mandatory ‘about us’ stuff:  Kirstyn and Jerin met in 2015 on Tinder and after having meaningless sex, we decided we actually really like each other.  Like turned to love, meaningless turned to meaningful and now we’re a true Tinder success story.  So where did our adventure start?  Jerin got fired from his job for having a shitty attitude!  The obvious course of action at that point was for Kirstyn to quit her job and go for a sailboat cruise.  After circumnavigating Vancouver Island, we still wanted more and somehow wound up on Denny Island (Bella Bella), gainfully employed, but dreaming of lounging and beach combing in secluded places.  So what is this blog really about?  I don’t know yet, I guess it’ll be about whatever I decide to write about.