Critters of all shapes and sizes

Critters of all shapes and sizes

We’re back in Mexico at the lovely little town of San Blas, and critters are becoming a theme. Of course we’re reunited with T and Merl is here, but San Blas is famous for something even smaller. No-see-ums. These hungry little guys can feast on a drunken gringo if he forgets to take appropriate measures. That brings us to another critter, Senior Spider.

Senior Spider, Kirstyn and I have come to an arrangement. He builds his web in the mizzen shrouds each day, just high enough that Merl can pass under without ruining his work, and using us as the bait to lure those hungry no-see-ums into his trap. He can stay. We’ve also had mice on the boat, which brings me to our next guest, Senior Boa Constrictor.Sr Boa may have come for the mice, or possibly T, but either way, we decided not to keep him. One positive side effect of having Sr Boa aboard is that there’s been no sign of mice and T seems unaware of the danger lurking nearby. I think the snake was probably too small to get Merl. Of course termites and cockroaches are a constant battle as well, but we seem to have to them under control.