Progress Update!

As usual, I try to make informative blog posts full of factual information so that our families know what we’re up to and where to claim our bodies should we meet an untimely end. In the past I’ve held back our most recent location information in the hope that it makes it a little harder for our stalkers to find us. But today I’m gonna make it easy.

It’s the eve of another year, and we’re ready to party like it’s 1999. We’ve arrived in the lovely Bahia Tenacatita, yet another picturesque bay with long golden sand beaches and palm trees swaying gently in the tropical breeze. I haven’t wore a shirt in over a week and the water is warm and clear. Mexican holiday goers are roaming the beaches, kicking soccer balls and screaming with joy as they get towed around the bay on giant inflatable bananas. Sailboat cruisers are tossing bocce balls on the beach and the crocodiles in the river are eagerly waiting for a dog or small child to get too close to the waters edge.

Our last stop before Tenacatita was the gorgeous Bahia Chamela with the tiny town of Punta Perula in the northwest corner of the bay. We had one small setback at Punta Perula. Imagine yourself landing on a golden sand beach in a tiny dinghy so you can enjoy a cold beverage and some delicious fresh fish at a beach palapa. Wonderful, then imagine the surf crashing on that beach and flipping your tiny boat, end over end, with you and your belongings and small dog in the boat. Your outboard motor still running, upside down. As you pop up and gather your wits, your motor sputters and dies as sea water intrudes the various areas that normally only contain oil and gasoline. I love going to the beach! One minor setback. Near the middle and south of the bay are several small islands, one small “secret” beach, invisible from the mainland, stands out above all beaches we’ve visited this season. Boats shuttle holidayers back and forth all day, but at night, that little beach is just for us. Firewood is plentiful and the sand is soft and inviting. Surf breaks onto the beach from two sides, washing over a sand bar, but not the death surf mentioned earlier. Kirstyn and I make love in the firelight with the warm crystal clear Pacific Ocean washing over us. I made that last part up, you don’t wanna get too much sand in your bits, ouch. There’s also some great snorkeling around those islands, various corals and fishes doing the stuff that fishes and corals do. On our departure a northwesterly breeze carried us to La Manzanilla saving our valuable pesos for beer rather than wastefully going into our fuel tank.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2019, much love from Kirstyn and Jerin.