Hurricane Willa’s here😳

Tropical storm Willa became hurricane Willa yesterday, and by the time we rolled out of bed this morning, Willa was being touted as a dangerous category 5 hurricane. If you’re not up on your tropical cyclone lingo, the 5th and final category is the nastiest of all. What that means for us is that about a hundred miles southwest of us, is a raging beast of a storm with wind howling at 155 mph. Currently the weather folks are saying it’ll make landfall to our north, somewhere between San Blas and Mazatlan. We’re under a tropical storm watch with our fingers crossed that it doesn’t decide to turn toward shore early. The locals are taking this thing pretty seriously, boats are being moved further into the estuary and the docks closest to the breakwater are being left empty. There’s already flooding in some areas, but apart from the rain, we’ve yet to feel the effects of the storm. Looking at the pretty pictures the US National Hurricane Center has on their website, we’re predicted to get 60 to 70 mph winds when it passes. Storm surge may be our biggest concern. We’re in a marina with high rise hotels between us and the bay, but the breakwater is just around the corner and they’ve already moved some boats that are further out on our dock. This is an exciting, potentially life threatening situation for us and I plan on keeping you informed and maybe even getting some great video, you know the genre I’m talking about, where the reporter is clinging to some fixed object while the storm rages around him. We’ll see.