A desert oasis

On the interstate between Los Angeles and Los Vegas there’s a town the has no reason to exist apart from the interstate. Or to be more accurate, the people driving on the interstate. It’s a place to load up on fuel and supplies and take a rest after the traffic of the city subsides a little. Baker California is a one street town with tourist traps, restaurants and gas stations. It’s home to the worlds largest thermometer and claims to be the hottest town on earth. Today the thermometer only read 96 when we arrived and 100 by the time we finished lunch, but I’ve seen it well over 100. There’s a flying saucer shaped establishment that sells beef jerky and ice cream. But one business stands out. The Mad Greek is the Greekest of the Greek restaurants. It’s almost a cliche or parody of a Greek restaurant. It also has great food and enormous portions of delicious food. Cheers to the mad Greek, you do your homeland proud.